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Window treatments


Have you considered your options for window treatments?

Some homeowners think of window treatments, and their mind immediately goes to curtains, drapes, or window blinds. However, there are far more options available to you in this product line, helping to cater to your specific décor and preferences than you might think. Here is some information that could help you consider other window treatment options for your home.

Window treatment options abound

When choosing a treatment for your windows, there are plenty of options that could fit your need. For instance, window shades offer many of the features you need most, with plenty of choices for appearance and more. Roller shades are often the most common, with a minimal profile that virtually disappears when raised all the way.

Roman shades offer a beautiful style that features layered folds of fabric that can stand alone as a window covering or be layered with other treatments and elements. They create a focal point as needed and feature styles such as pleated, cascade, flat, and more. Each variation of this shade offers a unique type of personality and décor enhancement.

Cellular shades not only offer a honeycomb design and vibrant visual features, but they are unrivaled in their regulation of temperature, as they improve window insulation, trapping air within their cells. If privacy is important to you, these products work well and offer dark and blackout options that prohibit a line of sight. However, they become very minimalistic when raised, allowing a full view and stunning aesthetics, so be sure to speak with your associate to find out which options will be perfect for you.

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We offer window shades and more

When you visit Coronado Paint & Decorating Center, you will find that we offer excellent products and services to meet your specific needs, no matter how big or small. Whether you need to treat one room or all of them, we can help you pick colors, materials, and features that are a perfect match. Our associates will be standing by to assist you and answer all your questions.

From our showroom in Santa Fe, NM, we cater to the residents of Santa Fe, NM, Tesuque, NM, Agua Fria, NM, Seton Village, NM, Las Dos, NM, La Cienega, NM, Cuyamungue, NM, and Pojoaque, NM, and we would be honored to gain your business as well. Please stop by our showroom to speak with a professional about your specifics. We will make sure you get the window treatments that fit your needs.

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