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What could luxury vinyl do for you?

When you consider your options for a highly versatile floor covering, be sure to give luxury vinyl flooring plenty of time for consideration. These materials could be what you are looking for, with outstanding durability, visual appeal, and lifespan options. There are plenty of floor coverings, but this could be the one that caters to your every need.

When only luxury vinyl flooring will do

Sometimes, your needs are so varied that only a versatile product such as luxury vinyl tile or vinyl plank flooring will do. For instance, if you have a room that requires a beautiful décor element but should also be durable and long-lasting, luxury vinyl is a perfect option. And here's why.

For stunning visuals that last and last, these floors are designed to mimic all-natural materials like solid hardwood, porcelain tile, and stone, with the same beautiful color options you would find in nature. This selection of appearances gives you free rein to match a variety of décor schemes and more. And they make it easy to stay current because so many of these visuals are almost always trending.

You will find a layered construction for the durability you need, with each layer offering something thoroughly beneficial. The backing layer provides an excellent level of stability, while the core layer is responsible for 100% waterproof protection, should you choose that option. The design layer creates the look you want, and the top wear layer protects you from scrapes, scuffs, stains, and fading, leaving you with a beautiful appearance that can give you more than 20 years of life.

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We provide you with high-quality LVP and LVT flooring

At Coronado Paint & Decorating Center, we cater to a diverse clientele that requires an avid assortment of materials, and we carry them all. Consider working with one of our associates who can help you browse our extensive inventory of materials, answer all your questions, and help you pick the best options. We are dedicated to the successful outcome of your remodeling project, no matter the size.

We have a showroom in Santa Fe, NM that caters to residents from Santa Fe, NM, Tesuque, NM, Agua Fria, NM, Seton Village, NM, Las Dos, NM, La Cienega, NM, Cuyamungue, NM, and Pojoaque, NM, and we invite you to visit us when you are in the area. We will make sure to match your requirements and preferences with materials that meet the need. When you need outstanding LVP or LVT flooring, feel free to visit.