When installed correctly and taken care of, luxury vinyl tile or plank can last 25-30 years. In addition, luxury vinyl (LVF) offers incredibly realistic images of wood, stone, and tile.

LVF comes with depth, dimension, textures, and finishes. It's a beautiful, affordable, waterproof, and durable way to transform your home.

Low maintenance, routine maintenance

Sweep or vacuum every few days or, if possible, daily. Clean with a well-rung damp mop periodically.

Dirt and soil are sharp and can scratch the floors. It can also embed and pit the luxury vinyl plank or squares.

When mopping, avoid wax shine promoting products. They damage the finish and dull the floors.

What is pitting?

This refers to the dirt sinking into the vinyl. To clean a pitted area, drip a multi-surface floor cleaner on the dirt and let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe with a microfiber cloth. If necessary, repeat and let the cleaner sit longer.

Check the warranty for a list of approved cleaners, as some can damage the floor. Also, read and follow product instructions.

Following these instructions will keep your LVT or LVP flooring in top shape.

Put mats strategically

As always, prevention is better than cure. Place mats at entrances, so people don't track in dirt and mud.

Also, use mats or protective furniture pads on furniture legs to avoid scratches and scuffs.

Pads should have a natural weave; anything backed with rubber or latex can harm the floors.

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